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Hey You

I spent a lifetime coloring outside of the lines, simply because I
could. There are no lines in my world: just the natural beauty of the
vast space around us and the freedom to explore everything in and around
it. The ordinary can easily become the extraordinary, simply by willing
it so (an adventurous mindset definitely helps!).


At the end of the day, your wedding photos should be no different.

Why? Because you are beautiful in your own special way. And who makes the rules? You do. And should you invite me to be a part of your most amazing day ever,
I promise to show you only the most fun, amazing photos that’ll
showcase the fun-loving and free spirits of two crazy-in-love
individuals (and knock everyone’s socks off too).


So be yourself. You can laugh, cry, or shout silly things if you want
to. It’ll feel awesome, promise. The only rule is that there are no
rules. Now let’s go have some fun :).


– Karis

Family. Friends. Future-Copilot-For-Life.

Who are the most important people in your life?

At the end of the day, it's all about the people we love, and the people who love us back. Your kids and grandkids may never know the song you first danced to, the flavor of your wedding cake, or the smell of your flower bouquet, but if we all play our cards right, they'll definitely see all the wonderful people in your life who got to celebrate that special day with you.


This, my friends, is what wedding photography is all about.

About Raleigh

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"After a little research we knew she was the perfect fit for us! Karis
welcomed us into her home and took time to get to know us. From
scheduling our engagement photos, to all the timeline details of our
Wedding day, communication was always a breeze. She truly made us feel
comfortable and at ease on the biggest day of our lives, capturing each
special moment and the quality of the photos were beyond our
expectations! Accommodating, flexible, affordable and simply good
people. We highly recommend!"
- Joanna & Rick

The most ridiculously awesome-ramas

Hey Karis Experience

World class service, craftswomanship, & the adventure of a lifetime.

Engagement Session

How awkward are you two when the cameras come out? We’re going to find out! We’ll take some kickass photos together and I’ll even throw in some mom-jokes for good measure (why should dads have all the fun?). And yes – this session is absolutely, 100% FREE.

10 hours of coverage

Whether it’s those special, candid moments of you getting into your dress, or your crazy uncles getting jiggy on the dance floor, I’ve got your whole day covered. A second-shooter is always included so you won’t miss a thing!

All the goodies

Lifetime access to your online galleries, heirloom albums, sign-in books, canvases and more. If we can put your photo on it, we can make it happen!


Let's hear it. We'll keep it casual, promise :).

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