Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gear do you use?

I use full-frame professional Nikon bodies and lenses.

Do you have back-up equipment?


Do you bring any lighting equipment?


Do you carry any liability insurance?


How is your travel fee calculated?

My footprint covers all 5 boroughs and Northeastern NJ. Any weddings or engagement sessions taking place outside of this geographical area may incur an additional travel fee.

Can we skip the engagement session?

Engagement sessions are provided free of charge, for everyone’s benefit. I’ll learn how to photograph you before the wedding day, and you’ll get some free photos in the process! Unfortunately there are no cost-savings available to clients who wish to skip this session altogether.

Can we hire you for the engagements session only?

Of course! And I would be happy to deduct the cost of this session from your wedding photography package should you decide to book with me in the future.

How do you handle rain dates/reschedules for engagement sessions?

Should the forecast call for rain on your scheduled engagement session date, I would be happy to reschedule. Due to my limited availability and professional courtesy to my other clients, you are limited to 2 reschedules for any reason at all (so 3 dates total) after which your complimentary engagement session may be forfeited.

How are permits handled?

Clients are responsible for securing any permits, should they be required by the venue or photo location.

What if we only need 8 hours of coverage?

The rate I offer is my daily rate, capped at 10 hours. Any amount of wedding day coverage up to 10 hours will be charged the same rate.

Can we book you for more than 10 hours?

Yes. Any coverage beyond 10 hours will be charged an overtime rate of $450/hour, and will be subject to my availability.

Will you scout the reception venue/photo locations beforehand?

I’ll generally do some preliminary scouting online before your wedding day to get a gist of what we’ll be working with. But after shooting over 400 weddings in my career, there’s very little that I haven’t encountered in my work. If there is a specific spot/landmark that’s important to you, just let me know and we’ll do our best to make sure we get it!

Do we have to feed you?

If a warm meal is provided, we will stay on site during our meal break. If a warm meal is not provided, we will go off-site to find food on our own.

Do I give you a shot list?

I would be happy to work off of a shot list for family formal portraits only. For everything else, it could potentially interfere with the authentic, candid, photojournalistic style of wedding photography that you see in my portfolio.

My venue/church has many restrictions when it comes to wedding photography. Will this be a problem?

As long as you’re aware of the rules, I’m good! You can rest assured that we always play by the house rules!

How many photographers will be providing coverage on the wedding day?

Always two. Barring any catastrophe, I always guarantee my presence on your wedding day. For engagement session, elopements and small weddings, it would just be me.

What if there’s an emergency?

A substitute would be provided at no additional cost.

How many images will I receive?

I guarantee a minimum of 400, but my average will land anywhere between 700-1000. The more time you give me for photo-time, the higher your yield will be!

How soon will we receive our photos?

I guarantee delivery within 20 weeks, but my average is anywhere between 8-12 weeks, depending on time of year. To date, I’ve never been late on my deliveries. Should you need some sneak peeks for thank you cards or holiday cards, just give me a nudge when you return from your honeymoon and we’ll be happy to send you a handful.

We’re actually on a really tight budget. Can you offer us any discounts?

I have a professional responsibility to keep my pricing fair and consistent with all of my clients, and accomplish this without compromising the client experience or the quality of the delivered products. So unfortunately the short answer is “no”.

We’re very private people and would like to keep our photos private. Would this be possible?

My ability to obtain new clients relies heavily on search engines and social media. If a client found me, there’s a very good chance that they’ve already viewed my work online: a benefit they can now enjoy because my past clients were willing to pay it forward by allowing me to showcase their images. It’s also reasonable to assume that most prospective clients would not even consider a photographer without seeing their portfolio first. So unfortunately, the short answer is “No”.